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Originally Posted by timba View Post
To me its not a big problem I like the speed my vectrix shoots but a buddy of mine has the pse x-force ss and that thing shoots flat at 40 yards.

It seems like all the other companies are try for see who will be the first to 400fps
I shoot an XForce SS at 63lbs of pull I'm shooting around 300-310 fps with a 375 gr arrow.

I set my single pin sight at 25 yards and aim dead on from 35 in.

If its past 35 I aim an inch or two high.

An efficient bow lets you pull a lighter weight and take the guess work out of shooting!!
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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
Amen! If either you or the bow aren't accurate, you'll just miss faster!
Oh that's funny! Wow! look how fast that arrow whizzed past the target!!

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