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Smile A blessing in disguise

So today I saw a friend of mine get this 13 point, 7x6, buck I have been hunting for the third year now. Happy for my friend and mixed feelings for the harvest. It was a 160 class deer.

Tonight, after my friend left, I saw a fourteen point buck, 7x7, with thick main beams and symmetrical tines probably longer than ten inches each. This time I will keep my mouth shut until he is mine or my brother's. We hunt together. SRM
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Some things , we just need to keep to ourselves. Hope ya get him in your sites and then in your hands.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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I hear ya. After you get'm then you can tell people about it! I keep telling my dad not to tell people where we're hunting and or seeing something, but gee they always find out.

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