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We actually have to fill out a portion of our tag (that's covered in some funky foil like material that's a PAIN to write on) IN THE FIELD after a harvest. Then tear it off and use string, a twist-tie, pin, zip tie, SOMETHING to attach it to the deers EAR, not antlers, leg, etc., ONLY the ear is legal.

You want to talk about a pain...
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PA Regs. =
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yeah, we fill ours out and tear off of rest of license and attach with tape or twisty to horn of buck or leg of doe and cut out all dates and months entirely on that tag. we then have to fill out the back of our license with the same info. in permanent pen. it's too much info!!!i would think having your number on you back where others can get it to use for filling out anything online would not be a good thing! i'm sure there's some cases where it could go bad! the only thing about our system here in texas is that if you use your license, you can just go get a duplicate printed, and some people are not honest enough to say that they have already shot deer and take those tags off.
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WOW numbers on your back what do they want next, for us to wear black & white striped clothing?
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