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Default Help!!!

Will someone please do the "no wind-no rain-cold temperature-moose killen' dance" for me!!!

We need calm, cold, dry temps for moose and the best we can get is 2 of 3. Add our first seven days here to the twelve days from last year and we have yet to hit 3 of 3

The first week started out with low 60's in the morning...but dead calm and dry. Bad for moose.....GREAT FOR SKEETERS

The first week ended and the second week is starting out with wet, cool, and WINDY

Tomorrow starts a trend of COLD...DRY....and breezy....CLOSE ENOUGH

We have been seeing moose though which is great. We used one hot afternoon to quietly hang camera stands at a few spots and then back out. We were accessing these particular spots by canoe which was super cool.

Our plan was to hang a stand at the last spot and then hunt that last 30 minutes. We got there with little time to film a hunt so we just walked in to hang the stand. As we arrived at the spot we were greated by two bulls grunting. I quietly put the stand up while Bill waited to get some footage of the moose.

Grunt Grunt Grunt!!!!! We never saw a "moose" but a mini-van with fur and a big rack stepped out of the dark timber WOW...these moose are huge!!!

Fern said that it would have been easy to call this moose in but we didn't have the camera light to film it. Oh well....great first encounter.

We have broken this trip into three 6-day segments. Segment one was a bust...but this is fine because we came up several days early to take care of the things that needed done...stands, etc.

Day 1 of segment 2 is a bust due to rain and high winds....but we are gonna' trust the weatherman and go out this afternoon.

The forecast is PERFECT for the next 4 days (knock on wood)

Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
I'll get finger cramps and they will go numb in 24 hours sooo...Okay now go kill a monster!

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