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Default Wild and raw

I was watching Wild And Raw on the outdoor channel. The particular prey they were hunting had a payout of $5 per tail payable by Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries. Someone asked if this was an edible animal & the reply was, “yes it was”. So after a day of hunting a tasty dish was prepared. Sitting around the table thoroughly enjoying the meal with the host was 1 guy & 5 girls. This particular dish had been enjoyed before on numerous occasions according to the host. Then the host took one out of the box to show them what was used to prepare their tasty dish. The “girls” all got this look on their face & started getting sick. If anyone would like to know the recipe please let me know & I’ll be glad to post it.
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Yes, please!
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Was it RATS?
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Always lookng for an interesting recipe...
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
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