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Default Playing the wind

This may sound like a stupid question, but I'm asking anyways. You hear people say that they are waiting for the right wind to hunt a certain stand. Do you want the wind blowing towards you in the stand or on your approach. I see deer travel across the wind more than I have with the wind to their face. What's the best way to play the wind?
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I'll give you my understanding...

If you have picked a spot for a stand you more than likely know where the deer predominantly come from...You want the wind blowing from the deer toward you, so they can't smell you.

In other words you want to be downwind from where most of the deer come from depending on the stand.

Every stand is gonna be a little different.
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Wind in my face and slow, deliberate movements are more important than scent in my opinion. Of course, hunt where there are deer. SRM
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