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Default Brick house Blind

I bought an intimidator blind this turkey season, and its awsome..my dad liked it but wanted something a bit lighter, does anyone have pics of the brickhouse, not the 360. I want to know what the shooting windows look like but all the generic pics just show the front few. If anyone has one, please post pics..thanks..
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archer_125 Hey check out www.ameristep.com that should help and if not let me know I will try and see what we can do for you to get you a better look.
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I did, it shows the same pictures that I have seen everywhere else...I orderd it for my dad, but still unsure as to what hes gonna get..if you have the time I sure would appreciate some visuals...thnks.
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I bought the Double Bull Matrix RECURVE blind; good enough for a long bow shooter or a tall hunter. You may have to ask Primos if they still make them since they bought Double Bull.

I googled it there are serveral sellers also that likely can custom order it like this folks (I don't know them , it is just one sample of what I got when I googled for the larger blind)

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