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Default Finished here in Ontario

Well my hunting partner filled his second tag yeterday at 8:30am with another nice tom with his Mathew's Outback at 10 yards. Stats 20 1/4lbs 10 3/8" beard and 3/4" right spur and 7/8" left spur. His first ever archey turkey. Told me after words that it's an bigger high then killing them with an gun.

Both of us harvested our best birds to date this both using archery equipment. Going to try and get all birds next year with archery equipment.

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Congrats Matt. I haven't taken a bird yet and quickly running out of time. The birds in my area have reamained silent all year, not one gobble back yet.

Enjoy the bird.

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Congrats !!!!!
Happy Huntin' to all
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