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Default trail cameras

I am looking to purchase some trail cameras for bear hunting.Would like to here peoples comments on cameras and protective case sugestions.
As far as picture quality i am not looking to have portrate quality pics just want to get a good assesment of game comming to the bait.
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I love my moultrie... with the lockable case you buy seperate....
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I have been using a cheaper moultrie last couple years,its alright if it doesn't get to cold at night.The 6volt doesn't work worth a crap when its cold.I took a plastic breaker box and cut a hole in the front and lag bolt it to the tree.It works awesome,bears will wreck your camera if you don't have something to protect them.My hunting partner just staps his to the tree and every time we have to look for it around the bait some were.the one time a bear tooth went through the lens

this year I got a stealth cam prowler I'm going to use,I just have to get a box big enough to hold the 12v battery and camera and I should be good for the spring season.

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We use the moultrie(spelling), the one that right around a hundred dollars, works good for bears. As of yet I haven't had a camera eaten just bumped. We usually go in with 2 people, one baits and one sets up the camera. Know I'm gonna loose one, one of these days.
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My group has lost a couple of cams. Since then we started to put old pine boughs around the cam and haven't lost one since. They will work for food but not a cam in my area..... maybe not yours. Buy a security box and try the pine boughs too.
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