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Default My new killa for 09

I love my Katera but after shooting the Alphamax I had no choice. My Katera is on ebay.
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Thats sweet. great lookin bow
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I held it, but not for too long bc then I would have wanted one
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I feel so weird going into my local pro shop. No new bow this year!!

I'm usually spend my spring tweaking my new bow to get it just right.

Nice looking bow bull!!!
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Congrats on the new bow! Nothing like having new one and getting to know it.
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i heard it is freakishly quiet
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Awesome Looking, Congrads! I love the looks of it.

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I got one of those in the 35. Let my wife pick it up, now I need another. I guess I have to figure out what to do with either my older Vulcan or Katera.

It is one heck of a bow. it holds so nice, light and at 3D shoots I do get the " man that thing is quiet" statements.
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i like the black riser and camo limbs!!!! do they call that "blackout" i like it! how did you get holly to let you get that.lol i know you were suckn-up!!! lol
just kidding!!
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Congrats ,I am thinking of one of them for next year.Let us know how it shoots.
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