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Default Question for the little italian

Ralph i missed my first coyote tonight at 1oo yds. What went wrong.

Woz said your arms are bigger than hulk hogans 21" pythons is that true?

And last woz made you a turkey necklace . You gonna wear it? fa fa

Rainman outieeeeee here

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1) You can't even hit a deer at 18 yards why would you be shooting at a coyote at 100 ?????
2) Both U and Woz r crazy........You might be talking about the length of my arms.
3) No I will not wear it, I don't like to wear parts of animals on me unless I just jellyheaded a thunder chicken at point blank range and I got some of his small little minute brains on me......
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What's a thunder chicken and how do you go about jellyheading him????

The sacrifices that you make when bringing your kids hunting with you, in the end, don't feel like sacrifes at all!
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