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Nice job on the moose Don,Elk hunting is awesome I've been doing for a 6 years now.My best year was this fall down in pincher creek,we got into 40 head of elk about 80 yards but not close enough for a shot with the bow.We called backand forth for 2 hours with them.My ears were ringing that night from all the bugling.

Gord,I be doing the same thing wed night after work.Diging out the quad and moving snow for a few hours
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Man, I would love to get into a situation like that. Sorry you were not able to get off a shot. In Newfoundland, my hunting buddy tried for two full days to get close to a moose with his bow but never could. Switched to a .308 but only spotted cows the rest of the hunt. He spotted a good bull on the second day but could only close the distance to about 150 yards. But the year before he connected on a nice 6x7 elk in Montana with the old stick and string. I came home and had tag soup, not very tasty or filling.

Good luck with your upcoming season. Looking at the map, I will be hunting 5-6 hours northwest from where you appear to be. Pass along any good information and maybe our hunting trails will cross someday.

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