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I have to agree with Ralph. Call Dan and talk to him. I have been in his (Dan's)outfitting boots, and have been in the unenviable position where, no matter what I did, the action that particular year was very poor. And it can happen to anyone! The year before, I was 110%, and the year after, I was 110%. But you can be assured that he will be working for you - that is what we, as outfitters, are getting paid for, and further to that, it's work we like to do. I always believed that my clients deserved my very best efforts, and if the dismay and disappointment I heard from past clients when they heard of my intentions to shut my outfit down is any indication, then I accomplished my aim: To run the best camp that I could. Talk to Dan, and when you're up there, enjoy the whole experience. Good Luck and Good Hunting!!

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Default Trophy Book- Review

Well, Let me tell you the other side of the story. The hunter that prosted that review was in camp the week before I was there. I met up with them at Chez Dube, there was one individual who was very vocal about the hunt. He pretty much said it word for word that was written in the review so, I know who the guy is. He failed to mention that he was not staying put on his stand. He tended to take walks, smoke while on stand, popping the tops on soft drinks, no telling what else. From the way he talked he was one hell of a great hunter and had only bad things to say about his hunt. He said he could have killed a couple of bears but said he was looking for bigger.

When we were on our way to camp Dan was very aware that this one individual was unhappy. He asked us if this individual had said anything. That is when Dan said that there were two side to every story. Dan told us that we will encounter some educated bears on some stands, and then he proceeded to tell us what happened. Believe me, I saw it with my own eyes, on one stand in particular, two different bears at two different times looked directly at me in the stand once they cleared the bush. They were educated and a bears memory is longer that other animals. We did have bever, not that much but there was some. Funny thing though, the bear that I shot was having a good time with green licorice (not too sure about the spelling) and there was bever in the bait area.

Bear hunting is just like hunting anything else, there are no gaurantees. My "trophy" was a bear that scored 15 5/8". I am just as proud of that bear as if it were a 20". But guess what.... I am going back to Trophy Book on May 16th. Hope we get to meet at Chez Dube. Good Luck
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It has taken me a long time in the taxidermy business that you "can't please em all" try as I will some people are just not happy I used to spend hours worrying about 1 out of 500 customers per year. They are usually the last one to bring an issue to me personally although everyone else seems to have heard all about it. Normally they have to high of expectations for their specimen & the condition it was in but some people want the world taken care of just for them.I also help out a bear outfitter in Ontario and have had a customer tell me he was not going to shoot a bear even if was 500# if it had a small head when questioned on the subject the guy swore up and down he was NOT a trophy hunter. It's been 3 years and I still can't make sense of that one. What I am trying to say is talk to the outfitter , other customers and go with your original feeling & decision. One bad apple can spoil the bushel only if you let it. He who talks loudest usually has the least to say.
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I'd say you do your part and let the guides do theirs.

Had a guide bang buckets on the ground(suppose to be quiet when hunting) take a stick, rake the inside of the bait barrel. Scooted the bottom of the bait barrel with his boot.
I was bout ready to say something when, he flashed me the thumbs up sign and walked out on the trail.

Within minutes I could see bears moving through the brush. He knew what he was doing, It was like ringing the dinner bell to the bears. A muffled sneeze on my part scared the beejeevies outta the first bear in. They sure do run plenty fast when they want too.

I killed a nice 6-4 bear the second day on the stand. This time, no sneeze and I was quiet as a churchmouse and moved so slow. had a total of 18 bear between the two days of hunting.

Manatoba is a great place to hunt bears.
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Thumbs down

I wanted to put my two cents in about Trophy Book Outfitters. I hunted the spike camp last year with Ralph and Vicki. This was my first time black bear hunting. Everything about this camp was first class. The food at the spike camp was pretty plain, but I did no this in advance and besides, I didnt go to eat, I was there for the bear hunting. The Guides were great. We had Phil and Mike at the spike camp. They said it was pretty slow due to the late spring but I could not tell. I killed my first bear the first night. I was just looking for a nice bear. I killed my second bear the second night, a nice Pope and Young(19 2/16). I then filmed a buddy killing a P&Y on the same bait I killed my first bear on. Yes, thier wasnt any beaver but the Guides used alot of other bait such as meat scrapes and chocolates. The bears loved the chocolates. Every thing Ralph said on his post was right on. I saw no special treatment for R&V while I was in camp with them. I met the Guy that wrote all the negative things about Trophy Book outfitters. He was at the regular camp the same week so I talked to him before and after the hunt. This guy thought he new everything. He also forgot to mention that his dad was on this trip from Texas and was a first class gentleman, harvested two bears and had already re-booked for this year. I also was told that one of the Guides told him to hunt this one bait and he declined. Instead he put up a trail camera and hunted another stand. When they checked the camera after thier hunt, it showed a large color phase hitting the bait. I think you have picked a first class operation and you wont be disappointed.
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Default Trophy Book Outfitters

I hunted there several years ago and personally I have mixed feelings about my experiences. I will say this at the out set...I have total respect for Ralph and Vickie...I love their attitude, their pro family stance and their genuine love for the "little guys" who are out there working 9-5 and love this sport.

The only thing that I will say here is this, if you can hunt the spike camp...do it. Dan Hungle is one of the nicest and informed guys you will ever meet...very easy going. However, the area that they hunt has been hunted "alot". The region that holds the most potential for trophy bear hunters is across the Firebag river. This area is virtually untouched. I thought I was going to be hunting this virgin area and when I arrived I was informed that I would not hunt there due to a problem with the oil companies that have exclusive rights to the area for exploration. I had to settle for some of the tried and true sites from main camp. To be honest, I was dissapointed...I have shot numerous bears here in the state of Washington and knew this area had potential and knew what this region of Alberta was capable of...I never saw it...until the end of the hunt. I was the last hunter out of 7 to shoot a bear. On friday...I said "look...you guys put a shooter in front of me and I'll shoot"...we then took a 1 1/2 hr. quad ride that was in spectacular country...finally...I sat in a stand that held good potential. Ended up shooting a 18"/ 300lbs'er...a bigger one came in but offered no shot. All's well that ends well. The year that I was there, there was no spike camp offered...if you can do the spike camp: DO IT! Dan Hungle is the real deal...and he has one of the best bear camps in Alberta ( I have been to numerous). There you have it...stay away from the main camp...no slam to Dan, its just that this area escpecially the tried and true baits that have been around for years have been hammered. Hope this helps...Ralph if you get to read this...Love you and Vickie! Broadfieldpoint.

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Thanks for the replies. I feel bad for even posting the question as well as the link to the review. Before booking my hunt I contacted some of Dan’s past clients and they all had great things to say. We are all looking forward to a great experience with Dan and company at Spike Camp and it’s only a little over TWO WEEKS AWAY……….

Now for some questions for you guys that have hunted Canada!!

-Will the bugs be that bad mid May? Thermacell OK to use and still bag a bear or should I get some good head net gear? Bugs bad in camp (extra Thermacell stuff needed)?

-For planning our long drive is crossing the border going to be a huge delay? We are crossing in Montana and pulling an enclosed trailer with all our stuff. Are they going to make us unpack all our bags and bows etc. or just ask questions and let us through? I hear it may take longer coming back to US vs. going in? Are plan is to make it across the border on your first day (12 hour drive) but my change plans if the crossing takes time.

-I have a couple trail cams… Should I take them?

-Last but not least, should I shoot a huge blonde if it comes to the bait or let it walk so Ralph or Vickie can shoot it the following week

Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully I will run into some of you at camp, or at the Chez Dube.

If not SHOOT STRAIGHT and have a great hunt…..

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Stickflinger....Buddy please dont ever feel bad about asking questions or posting here, this is why we have this, to try and help everyone out there, we are just sorry we aren't around much.

YES....YES...YES....THERMACELLS.....bring extra butane and pads, we ahve never had any game spook from using them and we would NEVER hunt spring bears or turkeys or for that any early season anything with out them.

The border can be rough at times, but be honest with them and you will not have any problems. Make sure everyone has thier PASSPORTS and any other identification close by. If anyone is bring a firearm, make sure you have the paper work for it and have all of it ready for you will have to go into the office and take care of that. When you approach the border, if you have guys in the back seats, roll down all the windows so they see eveyone and know your not trying to hide anything. They will ask where your from, where your going and do you have any alcohol, tobacco, firearms and anything you bringing up and leaving in Canada. They are really cool but if you smart off you can be detained for hours or even turned back. Make sure no one you are traveling with has a DUI...ever! They can turn him or her back right there.

Coming back will take a bit longer for you will have bears to claim, and it is nothing to do it.

Bring your trailcameras, they tell you everything when you are not there and this is the only way to know what is happening at other bait sites if no one is sitting them, another MUST in our gear bag when it comes to bear hunting.
And this way when we see you in camp you can let ME....ME.....ME know where the BIG bears are and DON'T TELL VICKI....

ALso if you pass up any bear for us, I will find out and have one of the guides
put honey on your boots and leave you overnight in the bush, on the ground maybe even tied up...Hmmmmmm could make for great footage!

Something else we always bring with us, HS makes it, it is the light weight camo netting, just like Broadfieldpoint said and I agree with him! But we use this all teh time to help break up our silohets in the tree stands, or even in the permanent stands too, it really does help and we have used it to make portable make shift ground blinds and you want some excitting fun, do this at a bait site and have the bears come right up smelling inches away and only some thin material is between you and them...That will get your heart pumping. But really we always bring this stuff on all our hunts.

To get back to Broadfieldpoint, Yes, many of the baits from main camp are hit hard, but that is like many camps we have been too. we like to get as far away with as less amount of traffic as possible. We always like to talk with everyone at main camp but to be honest, we love being out all day, checking out new areas, setting up new bait sites, covering a lot of ground looking for big bear sign. That is what we call bear hunting. You will have a great time and we hope to see you there, we arrive on the 16th and stay until the 27th. If we can help with anything else just let us know....Good Luck, BearDown and be Safe....

Want to wish you all safe, fun, exciting and most of all Blessed hunting adventures this spring...And by the way, we just got our new BEAR N DOWN 8 in from the duplicators this afternoon.....What timing....
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Ralph...great post. I actually talked to Dan last year about booking his spike camp. I spoke with a few guys in years gone past that had been lucky enough to get across the river on just the few baits that Dan had across the Firebag...one guy shot a 530lbs monster (spring weight) over there...numerous 20"ers were shot there. I agree with Ralph wholeheartedly...have a great spring! Me...I am going to upper N. Saskatchewan just below lake Athabasca...remote baby!
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