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Talking You know you are having a bad day...

When you get sick on these...........

Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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At least Mountain Oysters wont kill ya!!!!!
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No kidding! No license needed.
If you're not leaning, no one can let you down.



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Oh wow...

I uh...

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Wow!!! I've cleaned alot of fish. Never knew they had testicles!!!! Wow!!!
Get outdoors and discover the world around you!!!!!
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where doi you find these articles ... i quite speechless
Dont die wondering
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oh yeah...learn something new everyday
Happy Huntin' to all
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Hmmm . . . how would you like explaining to the guys that you were in the hospital b/c you were eating testicles? I'm thinking that would not go over well where I live. 60 years from now people would still be telling the story.

"And you remember that time Rob was in the hospital? Yeah, funny thing was he refused to tell us what was wrong with him but his wife was telling Marge that it was something he ate. Then Emma, who is a nurse at the hospital, was telling Dina at Wal-Mart about a patient who came in with food poisoning from eating testicles. Come to find out, there was only one person admitted to the ER that day and it was Rob. Yep. (group laughing now, really getting into it, one young boy in the back wheezing with laughter b/c he has heard it before) So, y'all know I ain't shy, I just up and asked 'ole Rob if it was him. Boys, y'all should have seen his face!!! hehe! It was like I asked him if I could sleep with his wife!!! haha! He turned red all over and started stammering about no, he had something else all together but he was across the hall from the old boy that had that and it was someone from out of town who was just passing through! Big boy about 6'2." Cute little wife and flashy sports car. He was telling me 'Ya know how them city fellars are, they think they can do whatever they want and not have any consequences. But that 'ole boy sure was sick and was hoping he was far enough away from where he lived to keep the story from getting around his hometown. Yep, he sure was a strange one and, you know, I don't think I ever got his name.' hehe! Oh, here's Rob now, let's ask him about the stranger with the flashy sports car and cute wife . . . just to see what he has to say!"
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It's a well known fact in Japan that blowfish if not prepared right will do what this article describes and even death. These folks that ordered it knew very well what the risk they took. That's a main part of eating this fish is the potential for feeling the tingle before they developed limb paralysis. Most folks that eat it don't talk about the taste being such a fantastic delicacy but the dance with a devil it presents. The even odder part to this is they pay extreme amounts of cash for this fish to be served to them. Talk about crazy.

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Kinda like bungee jumpin or sumpin,HUH? Takes all kinds to keep this ole world turning. Darwin Award candidates in the making!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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