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Default Is this a keeper?

Any idea where, when, or how harvested?
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Holy Bacon Batman!!!! That's a huge porker!!!!!!
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No way thats real...
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That hog looks Euro to me with its longer legs...may not even be a pic here in the states, not sure but looks Euro nonetheless. Looks like their "could" (stressing "could") be a tag in his left ear unless that's a stick. Anway, I'd estimate him at maybe 300#'s. The pic is with him closeup, the guy's way back by the truck. I'd be impressed at the proportions if his hand was on the hog, but notice how far away the hog is from the truck and I'd suspect that the guy is pretty darn close to the truck. Also, notice how big he is compared to the leaves and twigs. Big hog? sure great trophy. His cutters and whetters are in excellent condition, but I don't think I'd call him a monster. He's just a good trophy boar but is no bigger than a lot of the hogs I see around here.
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I totally agree. He's euro blood line for sure and that picture is a fooler for sure. It's a very nice boar and a definite wall hanger but no monster.

I have been wanting one like that and almost took one like that in Tenn. on a high fence place that some great euro. I didn't want to run my plastic crazy so I let it walk. I had my bow drawn cuz I almost had to shoot in self defense but then I still would have had to pay.
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