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Default 8 Point management bucks

There is a point of contention between me and a a few of my buddies...

We have all heard the rumor that a 3.5 year old 8 point will not get any bigger than 8 points....

I don't believe this....

They think we should take out 3.5 yr old 8 pts as management bucks. The admit the rack will gain in mass and length with time but will not add points...

What do you guys think??????
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It's kinda hard to get ten and twelve pointers if you kill all the eight pointers.

If you really want to know, set out trail camera and monitor one or two of the eight pointers in your area. Make sure all your buddies know that that one or two deer are off limits. Give him/them a year or two and see what happens.
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They're probably going by the "A SPike will always be a SPike" theory. I like Monie's idea of monitoring a couple 8-points and seeing how they progress. Can't beat your own study!

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York I am with you on this one. I raise deer and know alot of people that do. To be honest you never know what a buck is gonna throw into his rack year to year. Those 8 points I would leave go to 5.5 years of age to see what they would be.
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Check into some of the studys that have been done they make me think you should leave them until they are 5 1/2 to see the max out of them but if your happy with a 3 1/2 then take them but I think they will put on more points they may be stickers or drops or something like that which comes with age. We had a buck on the farm this year that was a 3 1/2 year old buck I shot some video of him in July. In July I knew he was wide and had long tines he also had a drop about 5" , and a sticker off his g2. He was taken in mid Nov. by one of our members. He had broken off the drop and if I hadn't got it on tape back in July you wouldn't have known it was ever there. He had 8" G1'S and 12" G2's, 9" G3's and was 23 3/4 inside he didn't have great mass or main beems. Like I said he was a basic 8 at 3 1/2 and scored 149 4/8 what would he have been at 5 1/2 maybe still a basic 8 but who knows what he'd score by then.
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