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Default Only happens when working.

I was heading home to eat lunch. I looked in a cut bean field right outside of town. I seen this doe bedded down next to the woods. A big 12 pt with real tall brow tines and long g2's and g3's was standing over her, licking her rump and poking her with his antlers. He got her up and moved to the timber. The doe was this spring's fawn.

The buck was probably every bit of a mid-150 whitetail. Judged him at 4 years old. I reached for my camera but he was already gone.
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thats a real bummer
&& before you'll ever get it;;
u gotta admit that you want it*

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I keep my rifle in the truck as soon as the season opens for those times.

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Think maybe the fawn was coming in season, or was he just sexually frustrated!!!!
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