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We trimmed ours to less a year ago, so I'd say this year will be about the same!!
The kids still get spoiled a little!!!
They work hard all year training us so they deserve it!!
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lol...kinda like how pets train you...
If you're not leaning, no one can let you down.



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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
rotflmao!!!! You go girl!!!!

See, Paul?!?! Give the girl something she really wants for Christmas, a husband to do some chores, too!! lol
I already do chores! I empty the dishwasher and refill it most of the time. Of course, the pots and pans are another story . I also do laundry. Not all of it, but I help a lot, especially with hanging things up.

We've kinda batted around suggestions with my extended family for possible things to do. One is that everyone - kids and all - brings a $5 gift card from their favorite place to eat. Then we exchange them "white-elephant" style, where you can take someone else's or open a new one.
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