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Default Knox County Dream Buck

Wowza...where do I start. I guess I should start by thanking Ralph and Vicki for making my dreams come true. The story and pictures that follow would not have been possible without the unbelievable opportunities I have been able to take part in because of them.

I am going to keep this short but you will be able to read all about our hunt in the Hunting Diary coming soon.

It all started last Wednesday while I was at work. I started a new thread stating how terrible my season was going....but ended it by saying that "tomorrow is another day". Wow....how true I never dreamed that less than 24 hours later I would be preparing to put my archery tag on one of the biggest whitetails I've ever laid my eyes on.

This bruiser was first spotted as he rounded the corner in a large cornfield and freshened a scrape. He then followed the field edge before closing the distance from 150ish to 22 yards. A quick mouth grunt and the HELLRAZOR was on its way. 40 yards later this 174", 288 lb live weight buck was down and I had just shot my biggest buck EVER.

I shot my best archery buck last year and figured it would take another 20 years to arrow a giant. After scoring on big Illinois Thumper Bucks in consecutive years....I'm starting to think there is someone "looking" after me.

Anyway....enough blah blah blah from me......now the pictures

The first photo is back at camp the first night showing the Thursday success. The buck on the left scored 196" and was shot by a member of White Knuckle productions. You can probably find the story over at www.huntingnet.com.

Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. You deserve it, Scott.

Congratulations on two awesome seasons!
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I definitely would have had to let go of the camera so the footage wouldn't be shaky!!!! Way to go buddy!
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Awesome looking deer, just goes to show how hunting can change from one minute to the next.

Congrats on the big buck!!

Was wondering when we'd finally get to see what you had harvested.

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Awesome Illinois hawg!!! Congratulations!!!
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Good God! Congrats again buddy! What a buck!
"Knowing when to shoot and when to wait is one sign of maturity in a bowhunter. Be patient and pick your aim point carefully." ~ Randy Ulmer

"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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Something like either one of those would put me in cardiac arrest!

Congrats on one heck of a deer!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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CONGRATS to the both of you on taking 2 AWESOME buck's! I still can't get over how dark the cape is your's, never seen that before.
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Scott you might as well quit hunting!! You aint gonna beat that buck! Although I thought that after last years. Congrats buddy!
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Scott, It was certainly a pleasure meeting you guys down at Darrells place. Aaron is still on cloud nine after his harvest. I hope your still feeling it too. You guys both took great bucks. It was a pleasure to be filming for him and getting a chance at this buck too. I wasnt as lucky as he was but I still had 2 great encounters with him myself, just couldnt close the deal. Had to let little brother do it. hehehe...... Hope to meet up with you guys in the future.

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