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Default first field hunt of the year

Bud showed up late this AM and we managed to get setup by 7:15, there were ALOT more birds flying through then I expected (300+) but I don't think they were all using the field. We did some poor shooting at the start but caught on after missing the first 5 birds, also had my gun jam up 3 or 4 times after the first shot and my bud twice. Wind switched abit and I didn't get up and change the spread right away when I should have with almost every flock interested but not totally commiting, after I changed it alittle birds started to dive right in. Ended the morning with a limit around 10:00 am and should have been done alot sooner. Also flagged for the first time this AM and I can't believe how AMAZING it works, had some flocks turn our away from 500+ yrds away JUST using the flag.
Would have been more pic's but the camera died right after I took this one!!!!
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"Pâté de foie gras" Bon apetite'! Congrats on a great goose hunt.
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Have you watched that new show, Duck Commander? It's awesome! I usually don't get into waterfowl shows, but this one is really great!
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