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Thumbs up My First Bow Buck

I just got washed and settled in after a successful hunt.

Tons of does as usual but then the bucks started to show up.

First one then another. Several 6 pointers! Too far away. They were starting to chase the does but not in full blown earnest yet but still fun to see.

I kept saying to them under my breath, "come closer, come closer".

Finally, one came in and turned broadside. 30 yards away.

Relax I told my self, TAKE YOUR TIME. I got my Hoyt Laser Tech bow up set the Hot Dot site right behind the front shoulder. I let the Carbon Express fly with the Magnus Stinger 100gr. Right into the bolier room and Down!!!

He went ZERO yards!

I have gotten tons of bucks and does with rifle over the years, tons of does with my bows but this was my first buck with a Bow!!

OK, it is not a big rack but I just felt I had to break the drought. Now that that is done, the butcher has him.

There are really, really, bigger bucks around here and that is my next goal but I accomplished my main goal this time out, to finally get a buck with a bow!

Whew!!! My first bow buck and the first time I ever shot a deer at over 20 yards with a bow!

Remember the 343

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Why shoot on the last day what you wouldn't shoot on the first?

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Congrats bud!!!!

My first buck with a bow was a 6 point and it was last year!!!!

Great deer!!!!!
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Well done man! Nice buck no matter what buddy! Woohoo!
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