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See what I mean...

You can't control him....

Only try to contain him....

I've read a few stories about hunting out in Cali...

You guys have your work cut out for you!!!!
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Until 6 years ago that's where I lived and hunted (North San Diego County in the Temecula Valley). I hunted Palomar Mnt. and have a great place that I used to hunt. If you're interested, pm me and I'll tell you. Also used to hunt hogs in the La Panza range east of San Luis Obispo. I can tell you some about that to although it's been years. With 25+ million people there are only about 250,000 hunters there. I used to have to worry about people slashing my tires while I was out hunting. Cali has some great hunting. Black Bear hunting is actually pretty good in the Mnts. behind the Rose Bowl in the Pasadena area. Big Bear and Arrowhead are also good.

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I forgot you were there first.

Good info Kev
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California hunting (Southern Ca.) can be a challenge with tough terrain, hot weather, lack of water, limited public use areas, and political pressures. So many of these people have the wrong attitude about it, like so many other things. The media here is so liberal; anything ever reported about hunting is always negative, and that is what most people here are exposed to. There are not any feed the hunger programs allowing game donations of any sort (this would send out too positive of a message about hunting). Anyways, I won't go there. Back to the task at hand of hunting California.
I have maintained the ability to fill my tags, and bag my limits on public land. I have never used a commercial operation of any sort (except while hunting in South Dakota on ESPN2 one time). Not that they are bad mind you. I would rather take on the challenge of trying to find them on my own, and succeed on public land. It certainly feels more rewarding, even if I only SEE game.

The following are areas I regularly hunt in Southern California in relation to specific game:
*Deer - Angeles National Forest-San Gabriel Mtns. (Just N of Pasadena to Monrovia)
*Dove - Imperial County (E of Salton Sea)
*Ducks & Geese - Imperial County (Wister State Waterfowl Refuge-Salton Sea)
*Pheasant/Quail - Imperial County (E of Salton Sea)
*Chukkar - Northern Desert area (E of Inyokern to Victorville)
*Elk - Southeastern Sierra's (if I'm lucky to get a tag)
*Black Bear - Angeles National Forest-San Gabriel Mtns. (N of Pasadena to Glendora)
Still hoping to go for the pigs and turkeys up in the central coast area someday.

Knowing where to go, and scouting are a given. The amount of rainfall certainly predicts how succeessful the year will be around here. Concentration of hunters and high pressure in certain areas at once are common; maintaining visibilty by wearing blaze orange is very important (except when bow hunting).

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