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Old 10-10-2008, 09:54 AM
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Old 10-10-2008, 02:53 PM
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Just because hunters use a semi-auto rifle or shotgun, does not mean that EVERYONE using these guns are "overshooting" game animals. you are saying that just because you know of situations in which this has occured, that all semi-auto hunts result the same way, and that is not true. I would be willing to bet that MOST hunters using any kind of semi-auto firearm are not overshooting animals. Yes, the few, few , hunters that may overshoot might give the rest of us a bad name, but that is something to WORK OUT between ourselves, not fight about it. semi-auto firearms are not the only kind of weapons that can be used to overshoot. any firearm can be overshot, for that matter anyway
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Old 10-11-2008, 08:22 AM
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lets stop this fighting amongst ourselfs and take the fight to the anti!!
let your shot be true and timely

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Old 10-30-2008, 11:39 AM
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Ok this is the way I see it, the semi-auto's are not the problem here, the problem is the people using them, as for how many shots should it take to kill your target? 1, but like we tell all of our elk hunters, "shoot till you see them go down or I tell you to stop" why do we do this? As we all know elk are big and can go a long way when they want to. We had one hunter shoot a bull with a in-line muzzle-loader at 80yrds it was a good double lung shot, that bull went 100yrds and bedded down, we waited 1/2hour and then went to find the bull, well the bull got up and took off never giving us a shot, that bull fallowed the other bull he was with for a mile bedded down for the night got back up went another 1/2mile before we caught up to him the next morning!! and yes that was a double lung shot with a 50. cal!! and that is why we shoot till they go down, it's better for us and more importantly the elk!
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Old 01-07-2009, 09:58 AM
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Disagree totally Mike.

I bought a Bushmaster AR-15 in .223 for coyote hunting. I wanted a quick shooting, quick swinging rifle (mine is the carbine version), that had quick follow shots, for the occasional calling situation where multiple animals are called in.

I've used this rifle to kill one bobcat, and several coyotes. ALL were ONE shot kills even though I had several other rounds in the magazine

This year I filled my buck tag during rifle season on opening day, so I decided to take my AR out to fill one of my doe tags. I had a round in the chamber, and 7 rounds in the magazine. I put a stalk on some does, and dropped a doe from 154 yards with a spine shot. Then I put in a finisher as well.

As someone said above, it's not the GUNS, it's the people that use them. That goes for criminal actions, as well as people who like to shoot their deer full of holes.

Shots rang out. . . as shots are wont to do.

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Old 01-08-2009, 05:08 PM
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ted nugent likes bows he likes guns to all guns single, semi,semi auto,pump,bolt what ever action and it dont matter about the color either,I remember one show he had with jim zumbo because jim opened up his mouth about black guns the nuge wasnt long getting him on the air an staightning him out on that had to not good for hunting . as far as im conserned use what ever you want to use for a action ill never complain about what somebody else uses for a gun or the action of it ...there choce
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Old 01-16-2009, 06:16 PM
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I shot my first deer with a SKS. One shot, dropped the deer in it's tracks.

I bought the SKS because it was cheap ($99) and ballistically equivalent to a 30-30.

I'm left handed and finding an inexpensive left action bolt is darn near impossible.

After that, I upgraded to a Remington 7400 in .30-06. Used with scope/case/sling/etc. it was $300.00. Still handy for a lefty with no bolt to work. I took about a dozen deer with that rifle. All with one shot each.

It's the person pulling the trigger. Not the gun.

BTW, the idea that shotgun slugs are much safer than rifle bullets is not really true. Read this: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/m...3/ai_n20512665

"the big surprise comes at 0-degrees of elevation which would be more or less a typical shot at a deer on level terrain. Here the rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader projectiles travel 1,408', 840', and 686' respectfully plus ricochet distances of 3,427', 4,365', and 3,812' respectfully. Now the total distances traveled by the projectiles are 4,835' for the rifle, 5,205' for the shotgun and 4,498' for the muzzleloader."
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