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Default Bow question

being one of the "new kids on the block", I have a question I hope that one or more of you could answer for me.

I have a PSE Carrerra, I bought it used but in excellent condition. I have been practicing ALOT and can pretty much hit what I am shooting at out to about 25 yards. I really like the bow.

The one thing that I keep finding, is that different parts and pieces keep coming loose after I have been shooting for a while (1/2 hr or better). Parts & pieces include, the string rod (can't think what the real name is) came almost all of the way out. My first site actually broke. The set screw for the draw length came loose. The nut holding the cam for my new site keeps coming loose and last but not least, the pin on my site actually fell out.

What my question is, could the vibration/recoil be causing all of this? I have nothing to compare this to. So any answers will be much appreciated.

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vibration and recoil is a good question and something is making all this come loose. Do yourself a favor and if you have a good bow shop near you and with hopefully some good techs working there and have them go over your bow. Then simply test shoot some top of the line bows like Hoyt, bowtech and my fav is Mathews to compare your bow. You don't have to replace your bow but to know what else is available when you do.
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something isnt timed right on that bow and its vibrating to much. get to a pro shop and get it checked out, then go kill something!!
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Make sure you are shooting the right arrows, the lighter the arrow the harder it is on your equipment. Also string leeches, limb savers and a stabilizer with shock suppresion will help. Like caleb said something could out of time, go visit your local pro shop and welcome to archery.
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