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Question Need an answer/Info

Hey guys. I'm new to the site and was wondering if someone would fill me in on what Ralph and Vicki are talking about when they say at the beginning of their show called the choice when they refer to everyone that "We all need to stop fighting among our selves and learn to get alone with one another. It should be everyone's choice on what they hunt with". Has something happened in the hunting world that I have not seen or heard about. It seems as though I remember seeing Ralph using a crossbow a couple of years ago. Did something come of that?

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birdman, think what they are saying is that no matter what you decide to hunt with, as long as it is legal, we as hunters need to stop bad mouthing it. in other words, if crossbow hunting is NOT legal in your state, or you don't agree with the use of it, don't go around bad mouthing it. it is legal in some states.

same goes with the use of dogs, hunting over baits, etc.

now, everything I just said could be just a bunch of hooey. really, should have waited and let Ralp or Vicki answer this. but have had the same conversation on another board.
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TLC, you are right. I have had this conversation with Vicki and all they mean is that by fighting amongst ourselves, we are making the anti-hunters very happy. It doesn't matter if you hunt with a gun, bow, crossbow, muzzleloader, traditional bows, etc. We are all hunters and we should support each other regardless of what we hunt with. We all hunt because of our love for these animals and because of the importance of wildlife managment. Hunters need to ban together. Hunters fighting against each other is exactly what anti-hunters want. It just gives them another excuse to bash us.
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Both hit the nail right on the head!

It doesn't matter what you use, to hunt as long as it's legal.
Some people have the mentality of if you don't chop a tree down and gnaw a bow out of the hunk of wood, your not a bowhunter.
I hunt with anything,compound,longbow,recurve,rifle,pistol,sho tgun,Muzzleloader
camera, heck I'd even use a slingshot...Hmmm, gotta check that out, maybe I can use a slingshot?

Biggest thing I hear about is crossbows, or crossguns as they are refered as. Use it, if it's legal. don't bash my daughter because she uses one, only because she can't pull the miniumn weight requirment for our state for a longbow to legally hunt.

Trapping is almost a lost thing in the U.S. wonder why? No one stood along side the trappers when they were attacked. BIG history lesson learned! if anyone was paying attention !!

So if it goes... Boom, Bang or Phffft I'll use it, and stand with you for your right to use it also.

Ralph and Vicky are prime example of how it should be in the hunting world and are welcome to come hunt with me anytime(hint hint)

Like the old saying goes
"You have to stand for something,or you'll fall for anything."

Have a good Bowhunt
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There is no reason for hunters to argue amongst themselves about high fence vs fair chase, or bow vs crossbow, baiting or no baiting.

If its legal and you want to do it go ahead...

There are enough groups out there who want to ban hunting all together...

Those groups are more than willing to do it a little bit at a time....

Lets not worry about what each other are doing and worry about what the Anti's are doing!!!!!
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What they are saying is stay here on this forum. On other forums you may find the decisiveness to which they speak. Me? I am for hunting with any legal weapon. I don't hunt all critters but that's fine too.
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That is one reason why I like Vicki and Ralph. I won their one DVD and I will continue to watch whatever they film! They seem like very down to earth good people!

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When they spoke at the NDBHA banquet in Fargo, Ralph and Vicki talked a lot about the infighting and the damage to the sport of hunting because of it!!

Their perspective on this as well as the emphasis they placed on helping to get the youth involved in hunting turned me in to a very big fan of theirs!!!!!
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