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Default lucked out again

My new goose field deke's came in today so thought I would leave alittle earlier and try my luck at some permission for field's and pick up the decoy's. First 1 turned me down but headed up the road alittle farther and asked, yeah no problem should have the corn down by mid Oct. 102 acre's and 217 acre's of wheat cut 3 week's ago, also I just bought some land last week over on the side road around the bend with another 87 acre's of corn and 34 in bush. It's all your's to hunt duck, goose and turkey's if you want. (BONUS)
Was almost into Hamilton and noticed a farmer taking his corn down so thought what the heck, pulled in and asked but someone beat me to it aweek prior. OHWELL but as I was walking away he started yelling at me and asked if I deer hunt and the response from me was SURE DO mainly archery, his response was when does the season open and I said next week, WHY? I have 24 acre's of bush at the back of the property and have problem's with people trespassing all the time and it's all your's to hunt, KICK THEM ALL THE ***K OUT. He praised me up and down for asking for perm. That all the year's that he has lived there that me and the guy that asked for field hunting are the only 1's to ever ask him.
Will be out looking again tomorrow.
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