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had a similar issue last year when ordering decoys from them as well. after 2 weeks and no shipment I canceld my order, a week later they showed up anyway with 0.00 in the paid line. they got more of my business after that.
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The decoy manufacturers drive me nuts and they're probably the ones at fault. For some reason, they seem to release the new items to the stores in early August with early goose starting just a couple weeks later. Then, they don't have enough supply to meet the demand it it backs EVERYTHING up!

So, if I had to blame anyone, I'd blame FA or GHG over Cabelas.
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I am a cabelas fanatic. Our local shops lack any clothing, and cabelas seems to have a super selection. I havent been real excited about their in stock items, so i always order through the catalog. Around home, it seems like it takes forrreeevvveerrr to get gear shipped from cabelas though.

It may just be where i live though....

i think sometimes even our mailman gets lost.
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