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Default Possible Unicorn Buck?

Take a look and let me know what you make of this Picture.

Just got it off the cam yesterday and at first I thought it was a weed by his head, but there are no weeds in the field right there. From the looks of it, and the coloring, it appears as if that's bone on his head. But it also looks like it's coming out of the middle of his head, doesn't it? I've shown a few people the image and they all say that he's a Unicorn buck. What's your opinion?

Here's a zoomed in view.

I'm Proof As To What Little Girls Are Made Of
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After analysis by several leading deer experts, CSI, NASA, and an hour long meeting with the people from Monster Quest, it has been determined that it is not a Unicorn deer. There is however an adult male Chupacabra lurking in the background.
Moster Quest will be contacting you in the coming days for your input.

Looks like he's got a split on something...
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It looks to me like he is sheding and a strip of velvet is hanging down toward the center of his forhead.
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Well that is goofy!

We are all waitin on a picture of him from your stand this fall.

My theory:
it almost looks like one of those hotdog roasting sticks growin out of the middle of his head. I bet that is where those handy little sticks originated...
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