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Season doesn't start here till next Wednesday. Most like will be that weekend before I'm in the stand. Still have lots of work to do as I haven't had the time to hang any stands yet.

Just recieved permission to hunt another 1800 acres of land and hour away so going to have to spend some time scouting it also at some point. Lots of open land so we'll most likely muzzleloader hunt it this year. Brother in-law was going there to dump some carrots this week going to pick up some new cameras and set them up around the property where it looks good.

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im about a week in and its been the best season yet with no kills yet. Ive had awsome ecounter after awsome encounter(including the one miss opening morning). I have come to a new understanding this year and realized I dont care if I kill anything. Ive killed a lot of deer in my life and most of these were with a bow and arrow. Ive gotten to the point where all I care about is the "close encounters" and a deer in the truck is a bonus. I have killed 16 bucks in my 16 years of bowhunting here in FL and countless does. Now I just sit back and smile everytime I see that leaf move out of the corner of my eye 50 yards away and my brain tells me its a deer

by the way, first time in my life I smiled after a miss...
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Im jealous of you guys! Im so ready to be in the timber, but Illinois season doesnt open until Oct 1st!

I have the fever bad!!!
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i've had a few in counters this year but still no racks will in the blind
let your shot be true and timely

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