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Default Epic Stealth Cam Camera

Does anyone know anything (good or bad) about these little cameras, looks like a neat thing to have on a hunt. I have read some reviews on a retailer's website but would like to get the real story from the horse's mouth so to speak. If you rather reply to me directly, my email address is:

doneason54@gmail.com - please put Epic in the subject line if possible

Thank you in advance for any help or advice

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I have one... Its a cool little camera...

The quality isn't the best... but you can see and hear everything...

They are small and light..

The images get grainy in low light....

Its great if you just gonna post the images and movies on Youtube or send to you buddies.

Just a side note if you put it on the bill of your hat and point it straight it won't capture your shot if your using archery gear.

If you play with it and try to get it to capture your arrow flight you will probably just get the top cam of your bow.

You might be better at this at me. I'm just gonna mount it on my stabilizer and deal with the video jump at the shot.

It doesn't capture images fast enough in video mode to really get you arrow flight anyway

You won't be showing it on TV....
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