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Ohio had about 50 percent outage across the state on Sunday from the level one hurricane winds. It took down trees and power poles all over the state.

I'm in Central Ohio and the power went out on Sunday afternoon and it was out until late yesterday. It could have been so much worse. We had running water, hot showers, flushing toilets and got caught up on my sleep. I had to replace my old old chain saw with a new husqvarna and threw out most of what spoiled in the frig. on Wednesday evening but other than that no harm no foul Thank God.

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Default Power

Yes-we lost power around 4:00 pm Sunday and it is still out. Latest word is possibly this Sunday!!! Woods are a mess-trails are blocked, food plots have countless trees and branches strewn everywhere. This week has been a nightmare.
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Coon hunting these past few nights, I'll tell you what, it looks like a mad man went through the woods with a chain saw! There are trees down everywhere, some snapped clean in half, many others up rooted, and countless branches. Nasty.

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That's crazy. Hard to believe it still packed enough wallup to hit Ohio! Glad it's just the trees that got it.
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