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thanks moose!

I had a similar situation 2 years ago with my encore and after 1.5 boxes of pellets I finaly switched scopes and was done in 10 minutes.

just kind a luck
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Originally Posted by caleb View Post
alright, I got so agravated I took the rest off the bow and started all over this morning. Paper tuned again, BULLET HOLES!! walk back tuned, PERFECT LINE!! shot a bare shaft w/FP, fletched shaft w/fp, flethced shaft with mechanical bh, flethed shaft with fixed blade bh. all arrows touching(minus a few fletchings) thank god! No idea what it was but its gone. O' and perfect arrow flight.

thanks for all the replies!!

Hope that works out for ya. By the way... if you took the biscuit off... what did you replace it with? Just curious.
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