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Old 09-19-2008, 09:53 AM
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Default Back From Nova Scotia

Well i just got back from my bear hunt in nova scotia. Let me start by saying Todd from Jaws and Claws outfitters was awesome. I had to take the ferry across and was arriving at 2 a.m. friday morning. Was going to get a hotel room and have the outfitter todd pick me up when he got going in the morning. He insisted i cancel my hotel room and he would be at the ferry at 2 a.m. to get me. Well he was there and we were off to camp. Friday we checked baits and rebaited. All stands we went to were hit. I was suppose to sit on a ground blind for the first hunt since he knew a nice bear was coming in but the wind was wrong for that site and he recommended i go to another bait. Todd asked if he could sit with me and film my hunt. Well i told him that would be fine. He suggested a stand since the wind should be good for the site. We get in stand and waite about a 1/2 hour and had 2 bears come in. Nice 150 pound bears but, i was after a 300 pounder. A little bit longer another bear comes in. At one point we had 5 bears at the bait. While on stand the wind shifted but the bears didn't seem to care. Actually the wind started to swirl. We seen 3 other bears behind us that wouldn't come out and one looked to be like the one i was after. Well another bear headed down the trail towards my bait. Looking at this bear i noticed it was diferent from the rest i was watching. As it got closer it walked right by our stand and noticed it was a chocolate colored bear. Now, the guide couldn't believe it, he said that he lived there is entire life and never seen a color phased bear and never heard of anyone seeing one either except back in 1935 when someone shot a 160 pound cinnamon. He said it was a good bear if i wanted to shoot it. Well i was looking for a 300 pounder and told him i would pass. I thought he was going to pass out. We watched the bears adn headed out of the stand. A great first night. Saturday was rainy and no bears showed up although the bait was hit when we got in. This was another site also. Monday came with 40 knot winds so i decided to go on the ground blind that i was going to hunt the first nite. Well nothing showed which i really didn't think anything would. Tuesday my last nite there he suggested we go to the stand we were in on the first nite and see if the big bear we seen would show. I agreed. 13 minutes into the hunt we had a bear come in. We saw a total of 4 bears that nite. During the last 1/2 hour os light the color phase bear comes in again and he tells me it is a good bear and suggests i take it if i wanted it. I knew it was the last final minutes and decided it would be a trophy since it was a once in a lifetime opportunity here. The bear had a nice coat so i told him i woulld shoot. With camera running i drew back when the bear presented a shot and let the arrow fly. At 18 yards the arrow found its mark and the bear ran 30 yards and piled up. The bear was about 220 pounds and is chocolate colored and has white claws. A great hunt with a great guide.
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WOW!! That sounds like an exciting hunt! Congrats on the bear, Tunatales!!! I'd proudly put that dude on my wall.

Got any pics????
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Sounds like ya got a good one. Congrats!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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Default Guides story of my hunt in nova scotia

Yip, There is video Dawgs.I had my camera rolling and so did Darren{TunaT},I myself don't have the means to get it from my tape to the PC.
Darren{TunaT} is now on his way back home,I've got a minute so I'll post some of what he and I did during his visit.He arrived in NS,at 2am on Friday morning.We went to camp from the Boat and sat and talked until 5am then back up and at the bait running by 8am.We got back in time for some early supper and off to stand we went,by the end of the first evenings hunt we had saw 7 different bears and we "think" 8 or 9.We kinda lost track as they came and went.But we know there was 6 on the bait at once and one "hung up" behind us.I had asked Darren when he arrived in camp what he was hoping for or what he would be happy tagging,he told me he'd like something close to 300lbs.
So as the bears where coming and going on Friday night we'd watch em as "size" them and nothing seemed to be of the weight Darren was looking for,so after sometime had passed Darren poked me and pointed to the right,now I'm perched in a hangon stand about 3 feet higher than Darren in his laddersatnd.I couldn't see what he was pointing at until it was almost under us.At first glance I thought this bear has been rolling in some dirt or soming "off" colored,but after it made it's way out into the open and I/we had time to look it over good,I said to Darren "I think thats a color phased bear" as it made it's way around the bait site and the sun hit it I could tell instantly that it was in fact a color phased bear and I began to tell Darren how "odd" that is for NS.I went on to tell him that I had only ever heard tell of one color phase ever being taking in NS(it's in the big game society book}and was hoping with Darren getting this information he might tag this bear.But he just shock his head and we watched as these bears feed at the site and came and went.I could tell after that first night on stand Darren meant what he had said about 300lbs.He had more determination than I did at this point ....I'd have tagged out right there and then.But it wasn't about me it was Darren and his hunt.
The following day,we rebaited and checked into some possible stand sites that I think or know holds something 300lbs.Anyway night two rolled around to wet and wind,not really a good bear "day",at sundown we had spotted not a sign of a bear,day 3 was Sunday and there's no hunting on Sunday so we did our run of the sites and then visited with all that camp to meet TunaT.Monday night found Darren in a ground blind due to the "heavy gales of wind" that where passing through this area,again Monday night showed no bears.
Tuesday night however would prove to be our night,no wind and perfect conditions,after talking it over with Darren we decided we'd end it where we started off,as last night would be Darren's final night on stand.just a mere 12 minutes after Lady Trapper dropped us off and drove away Darren pokes me and points,right away I see movement out walks one bear then another.We both could tell right away that Darren wouldn't be taking a shot at these two,they where much smaller than what he had set his mind on,they made there way passed us without s much as looking sideways at the freshly baited site.Huh I thought,kinda peeved the Ol'Trapper off as these two passed my bait by like it wasn't even there.
About 30-45 minutes later we spot movement again this time a little bigger movement but still not what TunaT was looking for.Here we are now fast approaching last legal light for shooting on his last evenings hunt,when up through the same trail as on Friday night comes the color phase bear,now in the low light this bear just looks like a decent bear,but as it passes under our stand I motion for TunaT to shoot it when ready,we whisper back and forth a few times{me mostly trying to hear Darren}then I start to glass this bear and I instantly recognize it as the color phase,after some watching and waiting Darren decides to take the bear.He made and excellent shot on it with his Hoyt bow and bear the bear leaves the barrel I say "dead bear" about 25yards away 30 max we see the bear pile up and begin the death moan,now it's time for congrats and hand shakes.I call Lt from the stand and tell her to come fetch us and bring the game cart with her.I'll let TunaT tell the rest of it but............ I would like to mention that I was very pleased and honored to be able to guide TunaT{who BTW is heck of a guy} you decide which way that might be as he tagged such an odd colored bear for Nova Scotia.Great guy and a heck of a hunter,don't know many guys that live in NS that would pass on such a bear much less think about doing the same thing again on the last evening of there hunt.....CONGRATS TUNAT,'
Been our honor to host your hunt and spend sometime with ya.Watch out fer them sharks

ps...I should mention that the bears color as I see it is dark chocolate with "reddish" guard hairs.These picture are nothing in compair to the actual bear
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