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Originally Posted by ACM_Vicki View Post
Ok, here is the scoop......
Joe & Gary are up in Alberta deer hunting, they haven't had many opportunities, but Gary did shoot a nice 8 pointer , and Joe MISSED!!!!!!

I know that when they get back in the studio later this week I am sure we will get more info on the whole hunt! But for now, Gary has a buck and JOE MISSED!!!!

Congrats Guys!!

Ralph and I leave out tomorrow (9/10) for Alaska for brown bears with Renfro's Alaskan Adventures! This time out I am taking a TC Icon 300 win mag and returning on the 24th with a big old brownie!! (At least I hope so!!) Ralph is taking his Hoyt!!

Please havea safe hunting season!! Vicki & Ralph
Ya know what's missing from this post???

Gary blah blah blah....

Joe missed blah blah...

Then Rick dropped A HUGE MONSTER! You all won't belive it! We need a new website just to get the picture loaded.

Left me out of the fun again...

And after all I have not done for you... I'm depressed.
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