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Default Bow season teaser

Well, it is less than a month away. This weeks cooler weather and rain got my insides churning. I am seeing quite a few deer running around already. I saw one set of horns on the neighbors place. He was a nice sized 8pt. Maybe he will let his guard down and cross the fence.

This is,to me, the most exciting time of the year. It has been hotter than hades for months,very little rain,and many hours of overtime at work. However, it has all come down to a few short weeks away. My favorite time is finding myself in a stand on opening morning watching the darkness slowly being overcome by the light of a new day.

Y'all know what I'm talking about. Thinking every shadow is a deer or hog, straining with your eyes to piece through the darkness. You notice every little sound. Then, in the distance, you hear a dove let out a soft cue. Is he telling all the animals to wake up or is he singing a song of mourning for a commrade about to give the ultimate sacrifice?

Whichever the case may be, all the hours spent on the range, all the time spent honing the razor's edge on the hunting knife,the washing and bagging of hunting clothes...It has all boiled down to this morning; the opening of bow season. Overhead, the fast flight of teals wings break the silence of the air. Off in the distance, you hear a crow calling his buddy's to join in on the hunt for an old owl who has spent the night hunting the very woods you are in right now.

Are you with me? Can you feel that feeling? You here a stick break in the early morning light. On the adjacent property, you hear an old doe making her rounds blowing at who knows what. You hear another cracking of a stick and as you raise your head ever so slightly, you notice the silohoute of a deer,and yes there are horns! You feel your chest tighten as your heart begins to race. Your breathing becomes sporatic but you try to keep it under control. A few more minutes and it will be light enough to see the horns clearly.

Has your heart sped up yet? Can you see that deer making his way down the trail? This is the moment we have all been waiting for.....

I hope y'all enjoyed this little teaser. It was fun to write it but I gotta admit....My heart is beating a little different right now.

God bless and good hunting!

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Great teaser Nate!!!! got my heart beatig and breathing different!!!!
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Awesome Teaser!! I'm chomping at the bit and can't wait for the start of season!

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10 more days.......

Just 10 more days......
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Yes I cant wait for PA to start! I might go to MD on the 20th. But either way I am ready!
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