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Default hunting area

hey guys, hope all is well. i live in western n.c. it is very mountainous. the buck ratio per sq. mile is only about 1 to 11/4.the doe population is very heavy. anyway bucks are hard to find. where do think a good starting point would be to start looking. by the way i am hunting public land. you do not see many people during bow season, but gun season is pressured. thanks.
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Hi Hank,
Without seeing the area I would look for a good white oak flat or some sort of natural funnel. This is what I look for when I am scouting a new area. Also if you know where the does are come rut the bucks will be after those does.

Good Luck!
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Hank, try and find out what the major food source is for the deer in that area. ask at local sporting goods stores, gas stations, restuarants, wherever. find these, and you have a good starting point. Good Luck.
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