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They never show up! I wait and I wait... but all that shows up are some dirty-hippie wannabes that want to protest for the sake of protesting something. I swear to Pete! One dude is handing out flyers that decry bird watching as "Bird Pornography and Voyeurism". The cops show up and shut them down, probably with threats of soap and a water cannon... then the shows over.

Well that is until they get arrested after being told 5 times to leave and/or disburse. They exchange expletives and then off to the pokey. But not before some weak-spine sympathizer records the dirt-bags plea of innocence with his cell phone, and then runs to You Tube proclaiming a rights violation has occurred.

It's ridiculous. I think the funniest part of all this, aside from the obvious idiocy of the situation, is that the group "Recreate 68" claimed 10's of thousands would swarm on the city and disrupt anything they could, and to date I think the last count was in the 10's... just the 10's. Not of thousands, not of hundreds... double digits. These people are so fringe its not even funny.

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