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Default Safety...

Safety in our tree stands, should be the maindest thing on our minds when getting in them.

Last nite(sunday), I was switching back and forth between the different hunting channels and the close of the Olympic games. I happened onto North American Sportsman. On the screen talking , was the Guy with the accent. Don't know if he's from Australia or New Zealand. His name is Mike McCabe and is quite the accomplished hunter and Videographer.
Mr McCabe is addressing the camera from a wheelchair! He took a tumble from a treestand that broke when he turned to get the camera on a bear that had approached his hunter and himself from behind. He freely admited the fact that he'd not attached his harness when he climbed into the tree. If he had, he'd be walking today. He broke both wrists, bones in his hands, a number of ribs, his sternum and 2 vertebrae in his back. He's paralized from right under his ribcage, down. He seemed to be in much better spirits than I'd be if it were me.

So to recap...Please! Make sure you think prior to getting in a tree stand this year.
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Excellent Point Va Hunter!!!!

Also take care on the 4wheelers!!! A very good friend of my daughters has been in a fight for his life the last 6 weeks!!! If I get more time I'll type the story, but it is amazing this kid is alive! His forehead was broken into 16 pieces and is held together right now with 30 plus titanium plates!!

Actually if anyone is interested here is his caringbridge site!
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This is Mike McCabe's Story just watched it this morning on another hunting forum from Ontario.


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Falling can happen so easy,I never used a belt or harness until this spring.A guy I know sat in his tree stand for hours bear hunting then when he stepped of the stand onto the peg the stand droped like a rock.He doesn't know why but it makes you think it can happen pretty easy.

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Great post Va Hunter! Very important topic!!! I hope all of you wear them! Yeah you might not fall because your awareness is up. But look at Mr. McCabe it wasnt anything in his control it was a treestand that broke. That just gos to show anything can happen. So wear your harness!!!
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Many of you may have met Mike, he covered the outdoor circuit for a while with Bullseye Adventures. I never used to wear one but now it's so easy to do with the HSS, a couple buckles and you are all set. Hopefully none of us ever have to try it out.
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I never wore them until about 2 years ago. They were always so complicated to put on. Then I received a hss and it is the easiest thing to put on. A couple of seconds your hooked up and ready to go. When Adam and I were at youth day for our local archery club, there was a demo on treestand safety. You would not believe how many kids hunted out of treestands without a harness...it was unreal
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