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Talking Stuck up a tree

Here we go with this minor saga:

6:55PM go to the feeder and turn off the 8PM feeding option.

Climb up in my 12' Ameristep double man ladder stand at 7PM

Just a camo shirt, hat and pants. No washing or scent killer. Just sit there. Breeze occasionally east to west as I face north looking at my feeder.

7:40PM first one doe shows up. She acts skittish goes down the hill to my right. Did she scent me?

5 minutes later up the hill comes a small but thick 6 pointer; a high spike a few does and fawns and the skittish doe!

Fawn is getting milk from mom and all the rest are hammerin' the Record Rack pellets out of my Moultrie feeder about 15 yards in front of my ladder stand.

8PM getting dark and they keep munching away.

8:20 very dark but through my Vortex Binos I can still pick out the 6 pointer and doe munching away.

Just at 8:30 PM the last two deer start to wander off and I start to get down from my Stand. I go slowly down the ladder and slip out the evergreens and onto my lawn.

Good thing I had turned off the 8PM feeding option or I would still be up there!

So, here I am relating the story only a few minutes after that fun event!

My Moultrie Trail Cam was pointing in that general direction where all the action took place so tomorrow I'll pull the SD card and see what I can see.

Less than one month for bow season and I am pumped! I won't sit in that ladder stand until I am hunting but it was sure nice to get ready this way
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Im sure you will be ready come fall.
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That is a good problem to have!!!
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