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HA! HA! Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.
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One Youth Gun season my dad had put on a drive for me. Well, shortly into the drive I hear brush cracking and grunting. Out comes a Doe and she’s being pursued by 2 bucks! One Bigger and one smaller. I actually think it wasn’t my dad that drove them out, but more so they were just chasing the doe. Anyway,
I raise my 20ga on the big guy and put 2 shots his way, must have missed. Last slug in the gun and I connected with him! He dropped like a rock!! What a buck too! He’s laying right there in front of me in the wide open and I grab my Walkie Talkie and tell my dad “I GOT ONE! A NICE BUCK!” Man was I Stoked!! Well…As I stood and waited for my dad to arrive and see my downed buck…he Jumps UP and Takes off!! As he starts to get up I raise the gun and NOTHING! I had forgotten to reload. I finally get another slug into the gun just as the buck disappears out of sight. As he ran though I watched as he was falling/sliding, so I thought we’d have a track job. My dad finally got to me and asked “Where’s the deer?” I was like he ran, lets go track’m! Well we took up the trail and didn’t find a whole lot of blood, but after 100 yards or so it increased. We found good blood and places where he kept stumbling around. We came to a crick and that was the end of it. Not another sign of where he got out, nothing. He just vanished. We looked for days, and never found a thing. I was devastated. He was at least a 130-140 Class.

My dad reminds me every year now, "Don't forget to reload"

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don't know if it counts as a miss.

A 140 incher caught me looking for a doe I had just shot 2 years ago in Maryland

Can't shoot a deer with a pair of binocs in your hand...

And he wasn't gonna stop following that hot doe he was chasin to give me time to get my bow.

His time is comin!!!
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Missed a 170" whitetail over in Illinois the first year I hunted over there!! Really bad thing was we found a blood trail. Unfortunately, it wasn't from my deer. It just started misting rain after I shot and freshened up a trail from a friend's deer she got the day before. We even backed out and left the trail overnight. Went back the next morning and found the bullet hole in the tree behind where my deer had been standing.
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