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Old 01-17-2008, 01:44 AM
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Wow Kim!

I really, really liked that poem. It was very well written and very fluid. Great cinematic imagery. The Civil War theme was a major plus for me as well. You have a great gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope to read more.
Warm regards,


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Old 01-17-2008, 09:39 AM
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Yep I try to do a little writing
Considering that I am a FULL-time outdoor writer and photographer, I am more than willing to share some tips. Let me know if I can help.
Lisa Metheny
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Old 01-17-2008, 01:28 PM
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not written by me, but funny stuff.

OK, you asked, I'll tell anonymously. There were two of us. I am the cameraman - he is the hunter. It is about 4:30pm, the weather is a wonderful 80 degrees with the wind at 10-15 mph. We gather all of our gear, climb onto the 4-wheeler and head down toward the stands. We round the top of the hill and what do we see in the clearing in front of the stands? A BUCK! Yeah - I said a buck. So we stop - I take pictures. I can tell through the lens it has a rack - not big, but a rack. We are both excited - first deer this year (while in hunting mode). We continue slowly on down the hill toward the stands where we normally park the 4-wheeler. To our amazement, he continues eating, looking at us from time to time. We are about 50 feet from him now. I get my camcorder out and start filming. He gets his gear and starts walking toward the buck. The buck just watches him - AMAZING!!! Now the adrenaline is flowing. I'm thinking, he might actually get a shot at this one.

I am filming the deer - he shoots - I can't tell if he hits it because I forgot my cheater glasses. The deer turns and walks off into the woods. The hunter follows which is in the direction of the stands. I turned the camcorder off. Now to track him down. I notice the hunter points toward the woods - he stands - aims - shoots again - I hear a thud as the arrow hits its mark. The hunter now heads into the woods. I had put the camcorder back up and was going to get him taking the second shot so that he could watch his posture later - duh - forgot to push the record button. oh well - shrug it off - we have to track a buck. Yeah!!! I get down to where he went in to the woods and the hunter tells me that I scared off the buck. He had missed him for the second time. I headed for my stand. He got into his stand. I just know we won't see anything else for the rest of the night. I would like to get some photos - anything. I am getting bored.

I look over at the hunter - he's smoking a cigarette - I can't believe it. Yeah, I think if he had hair - it would be blonde. He uses the scentless soap to shower just before hunting, insists on scentless gum, won't let me wear chapstick(the deer might smell it), washes his clothes with the scent free stuff, and even bought the scent block clothes. I guess he must think that the clothes will block the scent of the smoke. (Would explain why hunters are suing over that worthless scentblock clothing) So I figure we'll never see any more deer - I was waiting for something - anything - raccoon, squirrel, hawk, cardinal, snake, spider - anything. Nothing. Then I hear the hunter let loose a LOUD BIG ONE!!! As if the noise isn't bad enough - the smell just had to float by my stand across the clearing - made my eyes water(smelled like he had killed a skunk). Now I know that nothing is coming in - it is getting darker - not much time left. Wait, I hear something - it sounds like a deer - UNBELIEVABLE. It is coming in on my blind side. I pull up the camcorder - face it to the clearing where the deer should come out based on the sound. The camera is set on night shot(which makes everything look in slow motion). Again, I can't see through the little view finder as I forgot my cheater glasses. Look, there it is. Hunter, are you seeing this? Yep, it turned his direction. WHOOSH!! I hear the arrow - it hits the ground. The deer takes off.

The hunter asks if I have it on film. I look - and I'll be hanged if I didn't forget to push the record button again. I go pick up the arrow - no blood, no hair - pure miss. Two deer - three shots - no hits. No film of the shots - just the deer. So, we head back to the camper.

Go out to eat. Discuss the disappointment. Hunter has never been able to shoot off the ground - has to be in a stand. But even that didn't work tonight. We come back to the camper and decide to run down to the clearing(food plot area)on the 4-wheeler with the spotlight to see if there is anything there - yep - WOW!!! TWO HUGE 10_POINT BUCKS. They don't take any time to split, but sure gives us hope that they'll show up sometime while we're in the stand during hunting hours.

That was our excitement for the weekend.

The above story is only partially true. The names have been withheld to protect me. Also, the deer was at 50 yards, not 50 FEET! And I do not chew gum! The hunter in this story.

this is what the wife posted on another site about this particular night in the stand, Sometimes, I hate that woman!!!
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