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Awesome job man...looks like it was a great hunt!
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woohoo!! Laying the smack-down on the J-Lo butts! Nice!

btw... what is your friend shooting? Have my eyeball on a gun for Cheri.
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Congrats bud. Looks like you had a great time.
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Hey thinks everyone it was a great hunt! and the best part of it all was introducing my girlfriend to hunting!

Dana was shooting a youth model Remington 243, and it put the smack down on both goats! at 80yrs and 263yrs!
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Sounds like a great hunt!!! Nice looking goats!
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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
Have my eyeball on a gun for Cheri.
.243's (What Dana was shooting) are AWESOME guns to start out kids or women with for Big Game. I should know, that's what I started out with!

They're flat shooting (so you can miss judge range quite a bit and still connect), have little recoil, and will whallop medium-sized game like whitetails and antelope no problem. Heck with the right bullets, big mulies and caribou are killed efficiently too.

What I like about them is they use 100% of their energy up on the deer. Almost every single deer I shot with mine piled up right on the spot. (I think I was shooting 100 gr. Remington Cor-lokts.)

I switched to a .30-06 when I was 15, but when I was 16 my lung collapsed (spontaneously!) in October and I had to have pretty serious surgery. I was hell bent on hunting deer and the doctor told me to go for it, just to watch the recoil. Out came the .243 and I dumped a doe on opening day less than a week out of the hospital! The great thing, my ONLY limitation was I wasn't allowed to drag a deer out, so my dad had to do it! haha

As you can see, I can't sing the praises for .243's loud enough. I don't own one now but I will again some day sooner than later (I do have a baby on the way!)
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"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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