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Default Nap Sizzor Problems

OK-after 2 back fusion surgeries in the past 18 months I am READY to hunt. I bought a new Katera XL (my Trykon no longer fits now that I can stand straight its draw is too short!) and put the new sizzor rest on. First it would not close enough to hold my axis arrows. I spoke with the people from NAP who advised me to bend the bottom arm up a bit. I did that and now the top arm is not relaesing when I shoot. This thing is also quite loud when the hammer falls. Obviously the rest is defective from the start and the folks at NAP offerred to replace or even install a new one on my bow for me if I wanted but I am not sure I want one. Has anyone else had any problems with this rest? What about the noise level on this rest, mine seems quite loud. Any feedback is appreciated.

Anyone use the flipper rest?

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Mine has been working fine. I was a little concerned about the noise when I first checked it out....but once I mounted it on the bow, all is well.

Have faith in it....it is a great rest. NAP will get you "squared" away.
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I love mine! I didnt have any problems with miine. Im sure NAP will get things fixed up for you. Its a super rest i wont switch it for nothing.
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I have not shot the flipper, I currently shoot the smartrest and love it. I do however have a scizzor on order, it should be here shortly...I am counting the days!! Everyone that I know that shoots the scizzor loves it. And as said by FD NAP will do everything possible to make it work for you. If you can't bring yourself to keep it, I would give the smartrest a try. the new model had got a built in arrow holder to keep your arrow in place before you draw.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you.
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I also have the sizzor and have not had one problem...NAP is a stand up company as said before, they will correct the problem for you.
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Thanks Guys. I have had a number of NAP rests on prior bows and had no problems. The company has been good about returning my calls and promising to do whatever it takes to make it right, I will give it another try
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I put a scizzor on my new bow and the rest is the only thing you can hear when I shoot it. I havent had any problems with the performance, I am going to add a bit of moleskin on the hammer to see if it makes it quieter. I had a NAP drop a way before and have to say I like the scizzor a lot more. We will see how much i like it when I am hunting and have to hurry up and load for a second shot, it does slow you down a bit.

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