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Default How do you pay a butcher

Title says it all but, last deer I got I paid 85$ to get it butcherd. no extra cuts or sausage.

Deer size game?


So how much do you pay?

Last year I got my buffalo and helped a retired butcher cut it up, I learned alot but still need more practice. it cost me a whopping 150$ and a case of beer
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I got my elk done 2 years ago and it was 250$ for everything.I got 30lbs of sausage made and 15lbs of peperion and the rest steak,roast and ground meat for jerky.

My deer I give away the meat.

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Round here (WI) deer usually run between $55 - $75 depending on where you go. We usually try to butcher our own. The one I shot last year, my brother and I had cut off the carcass by the time our dad got back from town with the freezer paper. Then we spent about 1/2 hour, the three of us, cutting up the steaks, packaging them, and putting the "scrap" in a big freezer bag to take in for hot sticks. From starting skinning to everything in the freezer, it took about an hour and a 1/2 total. If you have the room to do it yourself...it's really not all that hard, and just takes a little practice. It also depends on how you cut the meat up.
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Yeah we get killed out here too.

I should really take the time to learn this aspect of it. Any suggestions?
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Rick this might work for ya:

You really should come check this site out!!!! Alot of good info!!!!
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They charge $70 processing fee here. We cut up our own, antelope we make burger out of, the best burger you can eat, deer we make steak and chislic then take the rest to the locker to get sticks, brats, and salami made, all with jalepenos and cheese, good stuff.
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Rick, send me a PM with your name and address and I'll get something out to you that will make butchering look likes child play. 5 steps and the whole deer/critter is done. do a whole deer in less than 2 hours. completely boneless and wrapped.
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It seems like just yesterday we were paying $35 for deer processing. We now pay $75 for skinning, steaks, roasts and burger.
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Here in Ontario It just depends where you go most places run right around the same money. During the Shotgun hunt we do all of our own butchering but if I happen to take one during the archery only season I bone it out an take it to the butchers that way because I always try and get an full deer done down into Sausages and Pepperettes. Cost of butchering is $0.65/lb to get it cut and wrapped and for processed meat it is $2.50/lb everything included. And he also charges you $20 to skin the animal if you didn't take the time to do it.

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Well, I pay my butcher with a kiss and ziploc bags. I married a butcher . . . talk about thinking ahead!!! I think our friends paid about $80 last year for one they took to the processing guy (the wife killed it early in the morning, he was on his way to work and did not have time to do it, she took it to the processing plant, he was ticked b/c he is a butcher!!!).
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