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Maybe , just maybe, the prognosis won't be all that bad! Take it easy and heal up soon. Hopefully, your season isn't blown away completely.
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Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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Glad that's all it was. Still a very scarey fall. Like the other guys said go ground blind for bears.

Just look at Ralph and you could be in a head brace like he was praying for a full recovery.
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Bummer!!! I know what that's like. Happened to me last OCT--dislocation. I still have problems with it!!!! Hoefully you can at least get into some blinds for deer season.
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Thanks to all for the support, I left the the doc's office and he said the xray's looked like as he said ( the knee looks like a engine that has ran out of oil). I have a appointment on the 26 aug with the surgern. My hunting group leaves on the 23 aug. I am checking to see if the guide will move my desposit for next year, instead of losing it.
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That will teach you to wait until after hunting season to do all those chores around the house!!

We both hunt so I have no problem doing all that stuff in the spring instead of now—but, now that you mention it, there is a nice big deer in the back and if he was out of commission I would have a clear shot at him . . . hmmm . . . thanks for the idea!!

Seriously, I have bent my knee backwards and it is no fun. Here's hoping you heal fast and the pain pills work. I know it is tough to miss even part of a season. Just keep thinking about how big everything will be after having another year to grow!!
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That was a long fall!! Better your knee than your back but it's still a bummer. Hopefully they can straighten you out fairly quickly and get you back in the woods
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Ouch! Could have been worse though, here's to a speedy recovery!

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Hope things go well!!!
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