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Man, I'm glad someone else is having these conversations too! Me and that chipmunk got into it about Quantum Physics and it was on!!! Round and Round we went! I never knew that buck was behind me until he questioned one of my theories. I knew the jig was up, so I loaded my stuff up and went on home!

SSSSHHHH!!! I ain't never told that story to nobody.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

Proud Parent of a Marine
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H&M Bowstrings , make a top notch string and cables and it won't empty you wallet!
check it out @ www.hmbowstrings.com
05 Vipertec
powered by H&M Bowstrings
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Man I forgot I even put this up here. Things have been nuts around here.
Thanks for the input. Cheri found a shop that comes HIGHLY recommended and they are making our new strings and cables. Tomorrow we pick them up and test them out in the shop.

If I get the bow press next year, and if I haven't been laid off or haven't died from the stress created by the worries of being laid off... I will look into the companies you've all mentioned here.

Thanks for the info!
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