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Let mother nature provide the entertainment !! there is always something to watch if you sit still you will be amazed at the things you will see , animals & birds that others have no idea are there . But do what you need & sit still . Good Luck
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Yeah... that's true too. I watched a baby inchworm for a good 10 minutes in Texas. Little bugger really made some distance in that time considering.

Had a bunch of Cardinals fly in at one time too. Noisy as heck but great color.
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I just sit, look, and listen. I like it when the chickadees come and land on your bow and the squirrels come up your tree right past you. Lots to see and lots to think about, sometimes I think bowhunters could solve all the world's problems When were are out there sitting in the tree.
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this how i can stay in my stand for days ..if i have to ... no computers ...no psp.... no magazines.... nope ... i bring my .. HONEY DO LIST ,, my wife makes up... just keep reading it over and over... if your not here in this tree your home working... keeps me in my stand..
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I hadn't thought of that style of hunting yet! HMMMM!!?? Honey do or numb butt? Numb butt or honey do???

NUMB BUTT EVERY, EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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i have conversations in my head with myself not exactly normal but time sure flies. or if i find an inch worm, there goes and hour. i sometimes listen to my mp3 on very low volume or count leaves but sometimes that gets me angry and i give up. ya, not to exciting but it works for me.
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I either play a hand held game of some sort....Texas Hold'em, Yahtzee, etc....or send text messages back and forth with other friends that are also out it the woods.
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Two pages worth of ideas, Nice!!
I might have to pull out my old GameBoy Color, I forgot about it until I seen the PSP mentioned.

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I got caught flat footed by a nice buck 2 years ago...

If I would have been ready he would be on the wall...

Instead he just kept following that doe and I couldn't get my bow up in time....

Since then I just watch and listen....

And think about some really stupid stuff.....
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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post

OH!! You could try telekenesis!
I was thinking the same thing
If the basic criteria for a vampire is a living entity that sucks the life out of you in order to sustain itself, then I know a few. They tend to hide out in Washington, DC.

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