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Default favorite treestands

whats everybody's favorite treestand and why?
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diamond black ice
hostage rest
octane quiver
G5 sight
axis n-fused arrows
tekan broadheads

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I haven't found a good one yet,I need something I can recline in.But I do have a gorilla king kong stand its all right but I have a had time getting the strap to loosen off when I'm taking it down if its been up in the tree for awhile.

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I've got a couple of climbers and 3 ladder stands. The climbers are more versatile because they're easily moved from one location to the other. My ladder stands are more comfortable for those all day sits, though.

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The biggest part of my stands are ladder stands. They all have flip up seats and full platforms so you can get back against the tree. I agree with VA Hunter that they are more comfortable for all day sits. I don't care for hang on's at all. If I need to be "portable" I have a TreeSuit which I absolutely love! Lets you get into a place fast and easy with not much to carry.
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I have two Grollia King Kongs that I really like and and API Ultra Steel like all three for the simple fact that they have large platforms (30"x24" with flip up seats). I also have an two man ladder stand but have never took the time to use it as of yet. I also have an climber that I use strictly for Moose hunting each year so that I can change stand location if needed.

I usaully buy at least one if not two stands each year along with screw in steps for each stand.

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My climber is definitely the most comfortable I've been in! I can't sit motionless for long in a hang on. My butt gets too sore! In the climber, I can easily fall asleep.
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I love my summit Goliath, very comfortable!!

I also like the gorilla king kong stands not as comfortable as my climber though...
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I like my hangons with climbing sticks.
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Never really used stands, but hopefully after this season I'll be able to say Ameristep.

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I like my Summit Viper. Easy to set up and climb. I can sit in it all day with no problem.
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