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The problem I had is with the faster bows your pin gaps on a multi pin sight start to get kinda small and blocks out a lot of your target. That is why I switched to a single pin, just makes it easier to see. I usually shoot the single pin for leagues and 3-d but I switch to a multi pin slider to hunt with. Tru-glo makes a 3-pin range rover that adjusts the same as the single pin, but offers the multi pin set up to cover multiple ranges. Now is where my setup may confuse you....I actually take 1 pin out of the 3 pin sight, giving me a 2 pin adjustable sight. I do this so I've got a clearer sight picture, but still have 2 distinct aiming points (I put the to pin in the center of the round sight housing so it's natural to center when shooting a peep). I set the 2 pins with a 20 yard gap, and mark my adjustment tape in 10 yard increments. So with my sight adjusted to 20 yards, the top pin is 20 yds and the bottom pin is 40 yds. Adjust the sight to 30 yards, the top pin is 30 yds and the bottom is 50 yds, this continues untill my sight is out of adjustment (typically 70-80 yds + 20 for the bottom pin) While I'm hunting I set it for 20 so I've got a 20 and 40 yard aiming point, but if the animal come in to 30 yards I can split the difference between the two and have a close estimate to where I'l hit at 30, but if something comes in farther and I have time to adjust my sight I've got the settings to do so. Now that I've totally confused everyone...I'll gladly take ?'s
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I also use the Truglo Range Rover single pin sight...it works great for me and its priced affordably!
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Senator Tim:

Would you care to comment on the recent events in Columbia and their overall impact on the world economic strategum for the coming decade and beyond?
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