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Default Best Rangefinder?

Opinions on the best rangefinder? I like the Nikon Archer's Choice model, but would prefer a rangefinder with dual bow / rifle modes, yet one that also includes the incline / decline feature. I can't afford a rangefinder solely dedicated to bowhunting.
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check out the Nikon riflehunter model, it's the same as the Archers Choice model just longer range!

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The Leupold rxII has duel modes for bow and rifle.
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I use the Leupold RXII as well. Never let me down.
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Checkout the Nikon models. I have been using them for years. Plus their customer service is top shelf in case of a problem. But hopefully you never need service.
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Originally Posted by oneshot View Post
The Leupold rxII has duel modes for bow and rifle.
Yep! Leupold makes some really good stuff.
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Well, opinions are like weeds, you can get a lot all over.

What I would recommend is to find the best one within your budget, wait, get the one just outside your budget. This will cause you to wait and save and while you obsess with your hunting catalog thinking about it you may change your mind once or twice but once you have the money you will like whatever you choose.

I do recommend any type of rangefinder. Just be able to get back to your gun or bow in time to get back to business. Don't overly rely on the rangefinder but enjoy the addition help it provides to be dead on which is all you really want anytime you are hunting.
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Nikon...Can't go wrong with any of them.
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